Monday, September 23, 2013

slowly cutting

I am actually having some progress in my studio. My fall is so busy with work, child, art and teaching that I just resigned myself to let go and so far that actually seems to be working. I am still totally confused as to what and where my work was going but it is going so I guess for now that is just going to have to do.

I am working on a number of things that are maybe experiments that  never go anywhere or maybe something real that develops into something important for me. Above is a cut paper work piece. I have 2 more words of it done and since that is all I can do in one studio day without my hand being super pissed off at me it is slow work in progress. Since I currently only have one real studio day a week it is very slow going but I am feeling quite ok about that.

so tomorrow should be some progress.


Anonymous said...

Working with exacto is killer on the hands and the carpal tunnels because you have to grip it so hard.
Too bad ! the cut text is an interesting concept...

Joetta M. said...

so hard on my hands indeed. but i found a really great one to work with after a few try's and am experimenting with easier papers too. I am enjoying the process.
Im sure stitching is just about as hard on my hands too. ack