Tuesday, April 15, 2014

get lost in

I really want to be getting lost in my studio today. I got it for about an hour and then I remembered I needed to make a PowerPoint for my class and ideally grade but that is not going to happen, eeck.

I think about everything I use to manage; as in writing here EVERYDAY, writing for other blogs, journals, showing constantly and managing to curate and I am in awe. I cannot believe what I managed to do. Now I barely have the energy or words to write weekly---I am doing nothing extra though I have 2 really wonderful ideas for show (just have not gotten to the spot where I actually get some proposals out the door) and have some work I am loving though it is slow to get out the door too.

Such a weird thing but I always really wanted to write about and share art but now if I am authentic I am just revisiting artists that I already connect with and kind of want a total break from new artists and work- my mind and eyes feel full. So this little blog starts to ask what am I?  Of course I am always asking what am I?

anyway what I am is busy with life stuff, exhausted from a never ending lack of sleep, desperately in love with all of it and making some stuff that I hope someone will someday see and love.

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Anonymous said...

live isn't always the same. it evolves.