Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I am so struggling with being focused today on a much needed studio day. my hand, eyes and mind are oh so distracted... even though my studio is perfectly sunny and warm out on my porch today.

I am really hauling on this piece finally and feel like the end is in site- which is oh so exciting.  But I am also terrified of the what's next and still feeling a little need to shake it up in the studio. I still have one toy and one pile piece to still finish so I suppose I will jump into those. Also still working on my papercut out "mending" work and have an idea for a text drawing. But am feeling a little dull in the studio, 

I am hoping to get into the darkroom and do some prints this summer so maybe that is what I need. There is nothing like seeing a gorgeous fresh c-print come out of a processor.

Also playing with the idea of a photo a day style blog about mama and house hood.  hmmm.

So though unfocused still plenty of ideas-that's good!

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