Monday, June 16, 2014


Did you think I disappeared for good? I did not and I have thought plenty of you readers out there but time has been on such shortage lately. I went to squam it was awesome, more on that later. But I did not take any vacation time so I was frantically working, preparing, still teaching my local classes, and then off to Squam for 4 plus days, came back worked non-stop and taught as well. So wheww. It makes me tired just thinking about it. I also had my birthday and was being a mama to the cutest 4 yo in the universe.

But all in all so many good things, I had a wonderful experience at Squam meeting people, teaching and just sitting on a dock of that super gorgeous lake. I have been really happy to expand my teaching schedule locally and really look forward to doing that even more.  And I still have vacation time to use towards the end of the summer. yay!

But my work has layed pretty dormant for these few weeks as studio time was in the studio but not exactly on working on work so now that the summer is almost all cleared of extra things on my calender I am REALLY looking forward to getting some proposals and applications for my work out as well as continue to make progress on the work I am making. (and the photo is showing that I have also finally unpacked and put my studio back together from all my teaching travels.)

Hopefully a little less of a quiet voice here too.  We will see.

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