Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I am not dead, it was just the hoidays and now I am at arrowmont...


Let's not even talk about the blur of month that just happened. Let's talk about now.  I am amazingly and thankfully at Arrowmont in Tennessee for a week. Wow did I need it. Do I need it.

At first it was a bit overwhelming, Galtinburg is weird.  But then once we all met, got settled in the studios. I was like yes, yes, yes!

I had no what I was going to work on as I have almost finished the 2 pieces that I have been working on for like 5 months. So I did not want to bring those. And then I am in such a weird plac ein my studio...  then miraculously I ended up being offered a show at the project space at Kingston Gallery.  I had opted for a later big show as I wanted time to develop the work. But the project space is perfect. Its small, intimate and no pressure. So all of a sudden I had a deadline. JUST what I needed.

So I came up with this drawing to turn into another plant piece. I have decided on it being a series of 3. The previous one being the dried out plants, This one which is inbetween and eventually a lush healthy one. Hopefully that will be the trajectory of my life too.

and a new drawing. I am so excited about these drawings. I have not been this into something I have been doing in awhile and in a larger installation I feel like they are a bridge between my photography and textiles which is awesome too.

Being in the studio all day every day again is amazing and also makes me want to cry as that is no longer my privilege.  So along with a lot of work there has also been a lot of great conversation with the other artists and  a lot of thinking and reflection on my life.


The Muse said...

Glad you are back! Have a wonderful time!

Joetta M. said...

barely back I am still settling in and overwhelmed but maybe next week it will feel like I am back. Back from my life...haha.

Julie Jain said...

Good work. You made it. Keep going

Jessica Jeon said...

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