Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Motherhood as residency.

Thank you to my dear friend LB for bringing this to my attention. The "motherhood" artist residency of artist Lenka Clayton... Read the manifesto here, READ IT!

Man, baby, boy, man, and so on.

 Dangerous objects made safe.

Mothers days- a documentation of the days of mothers.

Things found in babies mouths.

The distance I can be from my son.

All I can say is I am so inspired, so connected and so eager about this work. I find it to be incredibly brave, beautiful and important work. GO see the project and read about each art project at her website dedicated to her residency.

Then may we all go and be brave artists and brave mothers.


Kristin L said...

Brilliant idea! Of course, my kids are middle schoolers and leave me at home alone for six hours a day. Plenty of time to work. Do I use that time wisely? Nope. :-(

Anonymous said...

thank you for the post....i thought i recognized the name Lenka and realized that i fell in love with their concept of 'mysterious letters', but oh this is even better...- reminds me a bit about Mary Kelly's Post Partum document.

Joetta M. said...

it will be so strange when my son is all grown and I get all that time to myself again.


Cannot wait to look up that other project. And indeed reminded me of Mary Kelly's work but I like this project even more, less clinical and more about the emotional journey to me:)