Tuesday, October 29, 2013

clean white sheet

nothing more depressing then a clean white sheet of paper that has been sitting for a week untouched in the studio. My walls are a needing work to happen more quickly.

The work in the top image is already feeling like it is taking forever. But I am also already loving it. But I must say my laborious process becomes less attractive for sure. I have been tempted to just start drawing but I would really miss the fiber, but does it make sense to draw on fiber.  Also thinking a lot about taking photos again as I found a lab I can rent in the spring and summer months.  I could shoot now and print then. My hasselblad would be excited to get some use.

 never ending studio thoughts.

I actually did get an application out last week. Only a shit ton more to go. I def. need to get some work out there again. Free assistant please, anyone, anyone, anyone?

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