Monday, October 28, 2013

write more letters

very cool thing a friend of mine is doing.  Write more letters!

A lone print maker who found and amazing antique letterpress. Has cleaned and restored it with just her little self and is asking all us creative folks to help her kickstart a business that promotes the art of letter writing with some kick ass style.

Read about it:

Lyndsey and Herman (the press) share a great appreciation for letter writing. It’s hard to beat the childhood excitement of ripping open an envelope, the look and feel of a good sheet of stationery, and the sight of your besty's chicken scratch. Today, with correspondence only the flick of a finger away, it’s easy to forget how getting something special in the mail feels. Lyndsey and Herman hope to remind people of that feeling once again with their project Write More Letters. They hope to help bring back the lost art of letter writing by making it easy and special to both write a letter, and get a letter back in return. Each set of Write More Letters comes with two-way, letterpress printed stationery; a piece of parent stationery, as well as a nesting piece of stationery and matching envelopes. The nesting set is for you to self-address, and for your friend to send back to you with their handwritten reply. 

Read more here.
Read about the work Lyndsey had in my first curatorial show here and her final thesis in graduate school here and here.


john smith said...

This article is mind blowing. When I read this article, I enjoyed.

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Anonymous said...

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