Monday, December 9, 2013

ergh and ack,

I have not had a real studio day for over 2 weeks and it is kind of driving me crazy. But I have been diligently working on this work and it is taking me forever. I opened it up to see my progress and to be frank it was overwhelming. 

I need to have this work done for a show in February and have now realized that I essentially can do nothing for the next 2 months but stitch on it. I am loving the work but ack it is a slow one.  I am really struggling with balance of time, work, studio, and my energy level.  I have dropped the ball on so many things this fall simply as they just do not win the war of importance but it makes me bummed out.

Oh I wish we could do it all.

But I am really looking forward to my exhibit in January though I have no idea what it is actually going to be. Ergh.

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