Monday, December 2, 2013

studio rambles

oh my I cannot believe thanksgiving was just 4 days ago- time just blurs by with such a full life. I hope your holiday was wonderful and joyful and full of good food.

I got to meet up with a very good friend of mine from grad school and NYC which was a total treat.  But of course that always gets me thinking about the city and my career and all that fun jazz.

I am  trying to embrace the ebb and flow of my practice, my career and the time of my life but sometimes my impatience and ambition make that very hard. I really miss nothing about living my day to day life in nyc but I do worry about how my career will grow and get  better not being there.  Boston's scene is so difficult as the galleries are mostly conservative or the hipper ones are very anti-aesthetic in style so I am so struggling in finding a place for my work here.  And it is so hard to stay involved in nyc when I am not there.   Life here is so much more suited to my soul even if I do not see enough good art on a regular basis. But yet I do. A bit of a ramble but a lot of what is going on in my head this weekend.

How do you have the career, with the work, with the life you want?  The answer and balance is there but I am still figuring it out. Does anyone know the secret? ha.


Ann Tilley said...

I totally hear you on this. I live in small town NC and I often wonder about the career sacrifices I make living here. BUT what I do know is LA life did nothing for me and my soul is much happier here. And I find the peace and space that enables my practice to flourish. I mean, I couldn't afford a house with a separate art studio behind it in a big city! I would probably be working some unfulfilling job just to make money for living expenses. Really the only advantages to living in the city is closeness to potential shows and galleries and exposure to other artists. I honestly think not being around other artists helps me stay true to my own visions and ideas. Have you ever seen someone else's process and be like "I wanna resin collage!" "I wanna weave!" but that's not me right now. I'm still trying to find places my art fits, no easy answer there but I stand behind the importance of living where you're happy!!

Joetta M. said...

Thank you so much for this comment. It is so helpful to hear that others have the same questioning. I was recently in nyc again and whenever I go back I hear all those questions again even though I know for a fact that as a human I am happier now. As an artist it is so hard to wrestle with your ego, your ambition and your soul. But also such an interesting journey