Tuesday, August 12, 2014

keeping on.

...that vacation post was suppose to go live a week ago and apparently did not so ta da- I am back! and rested from vacation on the beach. I slept a lot, played in the sand a lot with t and as always was healed and restored by the profound nature of the ocean. I truly could never live inland again.  

so much and so little to say. the above work is progressing at a refreshingly fast pace and will most likely be done by end of day tomorrow.  My last piece (still incomplete) felt like it took forever to finish and then it was so discouraging when I washed it and realized that it was actually very not done. So these little monkeys have been a buoy to my making spirit. 

I also took some images that I am looking forward to translating into drawings for "next" up.  Another toy one and then a narrative portrait, something I have not been inspired to do for over a year now.

I am seriously thinking about getting a studio outside of the house again, which is financially a sacrifice for me big time but in the last months I have felt so suppressed by my home and undisciplined in my studio that it is beginning to feel like a step that I really need to take.  The studio I have found is unusual but at the same time I am attracted to its unique nature and am intrigued by how its pros and cons would affect my work (I think your space ALWAYS affects the work you are making and how you make it.)  So that's big. It is not 100% but I am feeling like 98% in my head.

so life and art keep on keepin' on.

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