Monday, August 18, 2014



I have committed. Drum roll? This will be my new studio.  I need to paint the floors a glossy white as it makes it brighter and cleaner for my work and in 2 weeks move my stuff in but its mine.  This was a huge decision that kind of came on fast and yet was made very slowly and deliberately.  
As I mentioned I have been starting to struggle in my current situation as I feel a little claustrophobic with my current situation, psychologically smothered by my house and simultaneously lacking focus and discipline.  This spring threw my studio practice through a loop and as a result I really felt I needed a change.

I also needed to feel professional again and having my studio at home just never felt that way. I did not like having people in for studio visits and such. SO I am really excited and think this is a good decision for me.  I really like the artist that shares the space (my space is lofted over hers) and though the space is quirky I like it a lot. It felt really comfortable.

And I have never  had so much wall space in all my studios ever. So that is exciting and intriguing.

So we will see how things go. But over the next few weeks you will see my studio be packed up slowly and then unveiled into a new work space. I hope I end up being happy with this decision.


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Jennifer said...

Congratulations! I've had studio space outside my home, but since moving to CT in 2005, it has been inside my home - the second largest bedroom, in fact. It's a good space and I shouldn't complain... Still, I understand your frustration and am happy that you've found a space that works. Enjoy!