Thursday, July 23, 2015

brought to you by a mama artist moment...

I have one of those silly mom/artist moments that truly sort of made my week/month and so on... so why not share. 2 things to know....

1. My son is a super creative kid that loves art and drawing.

2. I am obsessed with Sally Mann and am reading her new biography Hold Still.

So when T came in this Sunday morning to tell me that "there was a mommy daddy book on the black chair."  I say "thats mama's book"  T says " I was looking at it"  I say "ok. you can look at it that's fine. Just be careful with it."

Go back to sleep for an hour.

Wake-up.  "what ya doing?"

t: Mama I am drawing this little girl. I like this picture

And I look. He is drawing Virginia from the image in the book.

me: Oh that's Virginia and on the other page that's an image of Emmett. Those are the kiddos of the photographer.

t: Why are they naked?

me: They live on a big farm in the middle of Virginia.  They have a big area to swim and a cliff that overlooks it. No one is around for a long time. If we had a place like that you and me would be swimming naked too.  

t: Ok.

Proceeds to draw the farm, water and cliff.
Then draws Emmett.

My mama artist heart was exploding with love, pride and artistic joy.

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