Saturday, May 8, 2010

lost in the colorful, playful, wonderfully creative sea...

Here are some pictures of the opening at Gallery Hanahou in Soho. The shows theme was lost as sea and included wonderful quilted, sewn, plushie, and embroidered works curated by the wonderfully talented Kristen Rask. Above is an image on one of my 2 pieces.

It was crowded and hot in that gallery, but what a turn out!

some very cool crochet sea creatures.

my favorite piece, if we could afford to buy one right now this would be my pick.

some work of the always talented Nicole Licht who teaches a workshop at the gallery later this month.

all those fun creatures...a super sweet and simple embroidery.

To see all the artwork and artists included check this out. I will be featuring plenty of them here too!

Grandma is gone and today is my first day alone with the little man so wish me luck. I would love a nap and some time to work on a commissioned piece I need to finish.

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