Friday, May 28, 2010

the spiritual self

The above piece by Meredith Grimsley, pretty much took my breathe away. To me it feels like a very spiritual portrait of life and motherhood- the figure, the decorative threads and lines, the nest like shape at her feet- so beautiful.

I suspect that the work of Meredith is often self portraits since much like my work the same figure re-appears again and again, but Meredith's work seems to be very much about a spiritual self more then the physical daily self.

She also makes a number of pieces that utilize the hand as image and metaphor. Her use of texture and subtle color adds to the emotive quality.

A bio on Meredith states:
Recognizing the parallel presence of joy and pain in her life, Meredith Re’ Grimsley generates work that reflects moments of meditation over spiritual growth, faith, sacrifice and a pursuit of grace. She reveals a longing which drives her to seek God. Each piece confronts her fears, loss of innocence, intolerance's and moments of life changing transition. Examining her coupled questioning and celebration of her spiritual practices, Meredith reaches for a deeper psychological connection with the viewer through simultaneously revolting and comforting imagery.

No wonder that I enjoy her work so much. See a bit more here.


Amelia said...

wow -thanks for sharing.


Joetta M. said...

such my pleasure, i am glad that i found her work!!