Tuesday, June 26, 2012

out of the fog...

Oh, I feel like I am coming out of a fog. I have been so busy, overwhelmed, and distracted from the NYC shows along with so many other things. But now that the shows are hung I feel an incredible sense of relief. I can actually return some attention to the state of my home, love, son, and life.
NY was wonderful. My opening was great, though it was 100 degrees outside. And as always it was so fascinating to discuss what people thought about the work and which works they were drawn to. The small stories opening was SO much fun and I will share images and such of that tomorrow.
This week is mainly all about catching up on life, my house is a disaster, my email box full, my laundry pile huge, and my deadlines looming. So I am excited to chip away at getting all of these things under control again and to be frank take a week or so off from my making.
I hope to feel refreshed and relieved from that and am looking forward on getting some new works started. I have at least 2 more Sleepers that I would like to get done for my solo show in September and am really looking forward to a new series of objects.

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