Wednesday, June 6, 2012

text and materiality...

One of the artists that I got to discover through the last curatorial project is the incredibly interesting artist and writer Jody Oesterreicher. I could not select her work as it is all pretty huge and I realized that it would be perfect for an upcoming show that I am curating for the winter. So I really look forward to working with her then.

Jody's work hit me as very honest work with an incredible sensibility of materials. What I love most about her work is how she takes a very ordinary material and transforms it through her techniques of sculpture and installation.

yet, she keeps the familiarity of the object right there in the forefront.

She says this about her work:

I am both a writer and visual artist. Text and materiality are central to my art. I am interested in the verbal and visual nature of thought; the mysterious relationship between language and consciousness; and the interplay between conscious and unconscious knowing. Wordplay creates linkages between images and words and is an important aspect of my artistic practice....

The media and tools I use to make my art is the stuff of everyday life: Cardboard boxes, sheets and blankets, needles and thread, pencils and paper, scissors and glue. Though the subject matter of each work may vary, implicit in my use of vernacular media is a validation of the creative potential in the ordinary, and the age-old tradition of commingling art and everyday life. My techniques speak to the significance of touch and ”doing” that honors “being.”

Cannot wait to see what comes next for her and to work with her.

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