Friday, June 15, 2012


I just want so say I am SO sorry for being totally away from here. I am just crazy overwhelmed with having both my solo show and the small stories curatorial endeavor opening and installing in Brooklyn next week.
Not to mention a full schedule, a commission and article deadline, a kiddo and husband. But this is an excellent time to explore the archives and get caught up on older posts right??? wink, wink.

I am really looking forward to both shows as the artwork comes in I get more and more excited for small stories. I am just excited to be done with my show and let it go... though I am still working on a few pieces.

I promise after next week things will get a little back to normal. I swear!!! Fun posts, images of all the work, features on the artists, and other fabulous things will happen until then here are some great blasts from posts in the past.

something sweet.

something colorful.

and some gorgeous photos.

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Jane said...

looking forward to it, thanks for the opportunity.