Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I finally got some new drawings out. I glued together my projector so it is working again, fingers crossed that will last, and figured out how to darken my bathroom, which will work for small and medium sized works, and got 4 drawings. What??

I am so happy as now I can actually get some work done. I have really just been waiting around to get the drawings done so when I have the availability I can stitch. And starting in September I have real studio time built into my week again so expect seeing some progress.

The 2 above are from a new series of piles, these 2 are of many different kinds of cloth so I think once the detail of the textures and patterns are stitched in they will be really nice. I'm really looking forward to doing some more ambiguous but still narrative images.

another sleeper, I am actually hoping to get this done in a week so it can be part of my September show. My schedule is not totally supportive of that but... I have the entire weekend.

Its so nice to feel like I might actually get back to my work, it has been a weird summer.


Anonymous said...

It may help to remember that the making of the artwork often has a cyclical nature like the cycle of a garden. You can't always be growing something; sometimes the field lays plowed but unseeded. It's not like you choose not to work; life often interferes and you can't get to it. (But it's quite frustrating when that happens!)

Joetta M. said...

i love this comparison to the garden it is so true, thank you for your wise reminder.