Tuesday, August 7, 2012

i'm hooked. wink.

When a friend recently showed me some work of Portland based, Scotland born artist Jo Hamilton I could not believe that I had yet to have known about her work. He saw it at an exhibit in NYC and knew it would be right up my alley. Boy was he right...

Jo's crochet portraits are a wonderful example of free form crochet being used by someone with a painters sensibility. She works mostly from candid photographs to make her medium scale works.

Her use of color to create subtle gradations and sometimes otherworldly skin tones is intriguing.

I love how she utilizes the hanging threads to break her figures out of their body boundaries.

This image give you a good sense of scale.

a work in process.

You can see more of her work and a stop motion animation of her work being made here.


hannalietaute said...

great post. I hope you will do a future heirloom interview with her?

hannalietaute said...

oops. Apologies, I realize Future Heirlooms are all about embroidery and she is doing crochet, but you usually ask very informative questions and what i meant is that it would be nice to know more about her and her work via one of your interviews.

Joetta M. said...

you know i thought the same thing...maybe she can be an exception:)