Monday, March 3, 2014


photograph by Hiroshi Sugimoto

It has been so strange to give myself this space in my studio. I rarely allow it and it has been and is a strange and scary thing. I really have stripped away the pressure to make anything. Much like my first year of graduate school I am just spending a lot of time sitting in my studio, looking at stuff, reading stuff, fingering through books.

I feel a little scared as I don't have that pressure in the back of my head to perform, to make, to BE productive but I also don't feel stuck. I feel a bit more like I am floating. Not treading water, not swimming, not drowning. Just floating.

It is an unfamiliar place to be with my work. My "self" as an artist as a person. But perhaps the unfamiliar is what makes it so interesting.

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Istanbuljoy said...

Bravo! And from that quiet space I am sure work that delights, inspires, challenges & feeds your soul, will come. LOVE the photo you attached to this post!