Thursday, March 6, 2014


I feel as if 1 million layers have been sloughed off me. as soon as I got out of the airport and felt the humidity in the air I felt so much better. this winter has been so cold and so long and that of course takes a psychological toll on you. Just being able to drive with the windows down, sleep with the windows open and have one simple layer of clothing on makes me feel like I've escaped prison.
I know that may sound dramatic but all of you in the New England and New York area know exactly what I mean. Some winters you can handle with more stride... but when your own life is carrying a little bit of darkness you really need the sun.

I don't know if this will help my work but I do know this is already helping my soul. I have taken a few shots I'm excited about with my camera but forgot the piece I was most excited about working on here. maybe I forgot it on purpose, unconsciously. really letting me be free of any burden here even the wonderful glorious burden of making art.

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Katie said...

I'm in Chicago and know exactly what you mean. This winter has worn me down.