Friday, March 7, 2014

this place I am staying is odd but wonderful. it is in a Cuban neighborhood. for all intense purposes a suburb near a busy road....but when you enter the property you enter another world. one of Palm trees, strange animals, lizards scurrying and a flowing river. I love it....

but as I was on the phone last night all c heard was a siren in the background and maybe the couple in the bungalow next to me is annoyed the neighbor across the river is weed whacking his yard. but when I wake up I hear the weird ducks, when I go to bed I hear the wind in the coconut trees. sure the weed wacker is loud but so is the train that goes by every hour at home.

do I have a point? I guess it is just that perspective is everything. I have been having this discussion  a lot lately with someone who thinks that it may be lying to yourself. but I am not lying to myself about the siren I am just not letting it rupture my world. it is there, I hear it, I just allow it then let it go.

sort of like what is happening in my studio right now... I could be depressed that I have no f*ing clue what I am doing anymore.  but I am really trying to just let it be - embrace what comes - let go of what doesn't .

FYI. I have taken 7 photos , read a lot of the ny times and not once thought about a stitch.

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