Friday, July 4, 2014

happy 4th and mama-ness

from here.

Happy Holiday!!!

I am enjoying my first day off at home in  about 16 days. Seriously this spring has been so nutso.  But this Monday is the of week is the beginning of more time for me. Back to having actual studio days not a crazy pants teaching schedule and not going out of town every other week.

I have not really been getting work done in my studio but have been doing a lot of shooting of pics and reading about motherhood and artists.

I am currently lookin at...
from here. This book is very light on the content but it a great quick look into other mother/artist perspectives and introduced me too this one...

which I justt loaded on my ipad and plan on starting today. I feel an exciting new project and direction brewing. Not sure what...but when I start reading something always follows.

So I will let you know how things go. there are also some cool shows and stuff I want to share with you once life is a little caught up from all the recent crazy.

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