Monday, July 21, 2014

the struggle

I am having one of those what the f am I doing days?  I am really struggling with balancing all that I have on my plate. I am balancing and all- but I am very on my artist side. I am always fighting for studio time and since my spring and summer have been so hectic with teaching and life stuff I feel like things have gone stagnant which, though not totally true, is terrifying.

I love, love, love teaching---but it is often a choice between my own work and practice or teaching and always having to struggle and navigate that is exhausting.

I also have not had a show that felt like a true accomplishment in quite awhile now. I am aware that part of that is my lack of applying for things but that is just another giant time suck.

The images I am shooting with my camera feel great.  There is just that major and totally annoying issue of not having any way to currently print them. Slight snag in that passion. But I am hoping some things in the fall will amend that issue. Fingers uber crossed there.

Really just venting but why cannot us artists have some way of being more supported in our endeavors instead of having to struggle and fight our entire careers.


The Muse said...

I know the feeling & I know that I'm not at all fun to be around if I don't get in some quality studio time. Yet somehow it takes the back burner when in reality if I get that everything else seems to happen...

michelle urbanek said...

I think there is a wax and a wane to everything. Sometimes I just want to make pretty things, sometimes I want to take a huge bite out the ugly side of life.... other times I create nothing because I throw myself into public ed art teaching. It's just life being the beautiful cycle of life: Be Multi-Talented. You deserve to let yourself.

Joetta M. said...

thank you so much for your words, your support and your inspiration.