Sunday, August 29, 2010

the art and science of happiness.

I received a show card in the mail for the upcoming exhibit, The Art and Science of Happiness, by Patricia Dahlman. The card was playful and colorful and fiber- so I was intrigued.

I ventured to Patricia's website to find fun and whimsical silk sculptures that almost feel like toys along with some other lovely work.

Seriously, her works are so much like modern toys, considering I spent all day looking online for an "activity mat" for lil't I have a good idea of toys at the moment. The colors and shapes. He would love these works as much as I do.

If you look further into the work you actually see some personal narratives and often a bit of political edge. The exhibits press release states:

... explores how economic security, political stability, family, careers, health, community involvement, and other domains contribute (or not) to ones sense of being "happy." Dahlman's subject matter ranges across the political, social, and economic spectrums, while addressing issues of nature and society. She uses sewn and stitched forms made from canvas and colorful fabric to create both sculptural and 2-dimensional works that are playful or serious, and sometimes both. The works selected for this exhibition include landscapes, abstract forms, narratives and figural works that comment on the environmental destruction in her community as well as recent political events in America. They represent her visions and hopes for an improved future for society and the world.

Patricia also makes some lovely embroideries.

You can see more of her work online or stop in at the exhibit which opens September 7.

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