Sunday, August 29, 2010

tough decisions

So today I am finalizing my selection of work for the exhibit at the Textile Arts Center and it has been tough!!! I was overwhelmed with the response I got from the open call- a massive amount of artists applied which is of course amazing and wonderful but makes my job all the more difficult.

The hardest thing is that I got a ton of work unlike what I was envisioning but that is totally GREAT work. So for a moment I started to reconsider my idea for the exhibit.
There were amazing costume works like the above works by April Hale- enough of them that I could create an entire show of wearable work.

And a ton of incredibly gorgeous and technically impressive minimalist works such as these weavings by Jenn McNamara.

But in the end I have decided to stick to my initial vision for the exhibit which includes some large scale works, sensitive narratives, and bright colors- though not all at the same time. The list of artists will be announced this week.

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