Monday, August 9, 2010

poetically sewn.

I mentioned that the poet Jill Magi took my embroidery class at the Textile Arts Center and this week I took a moment to peruse her website to see that she has actually been playing with thread and fiber for quite awhile. Obviously, I always love work with text and in some ways consider myself a form of poet in the way that I use words. So I found it inspiring to see Jill's visual works.

from an installation- perhaps

She definitely needs more images online. She just teases us with about one image per project but they are so intriguing...

And often she is not actually using fiber but paper and working with it in fiber techniques as in her paper quilt above.

Here is a scanned fiber work, when I was playing with printmaking I did this a few times and always loved the level of detail you would get in the fiber.

even her poems reference a form of thread:

Because the string broke for me

therefore the place does not feel to me

as the place used to feel to me

on account of it

The place feels as if it stood open

because the string has broken for me

therefore the place does not feel pleasant

to me because of it

Jill Magi

To see more of her work both visual and word work check her out here.


Allison Stephanie said...

Yes... she has beautiful work! I am definitely going to check out her items... the poem is so beautiful as well.


Joetta M. said...

so glad you enjoyed her work and words, i thought there were worth mentioning here for sure:)