Saturday, November 24, 2012

3 women...

So admittedly these images suck, but I had only my phone and it was about to die so bare with me, the good news is the gallery had a photograhher document the show and event so as soon as those images are available I will share. But alas these are from my show's opening on Tuesday in New York. It was great.

As you can see from the images the space was lovely and they did a wonderful job hanging all the work. The gallery owners were truly lovely folks.  The gallery was packed and amongst those faces were many friends and art supporters that I was very happy to see, Thank you to you all.

Press release:

Three women present works of sewing, quilting, drawing, and embroidering. These are the ways in which they record their lives, embrace their families, and keep doing what they love.

Bai Jung Ja began quilting in 2003 with a Korean quilt master at the Alpine Cloister in New Jersey. Almost 10 years later she is showing her quilts to the public for the first time.

Joetta Maue began exhibiting in 2000, working in various mediums including photography, drawing, and embroidery. Joetta’s sense of honesty and humanity is evident in her embroidered works.

Eli Eunkyung Lee works in several mediums including sculpture, drawing, and sewing. Her recent works revolve on ‘meditation’, and her works in this show focus specifically on ‘time’.

You can see the show until December 30, plus there is lots of good holiday shopping nearby, or you can holiday shop at the gallery hmmm.

Here is the gallery, P339 Gallery's website.


Too bad you will not get to see the very cool  live musical performance by Annabelle Cazes, where she played an instrument with thimbles on her fingers, her very own take on handwork.

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