Friday, November 16, 2012

some happenings and stuff.

I have been so busy this week that it flew by with a blink and even though I have tabs saved of artists to write about, some oh so good, and a few shows that deserve mentioning etc... It just has not happened.  But here is a quick listing of some news and happenings of all things fiber and art worthy.

The Textile Arts Center is looking for new winter interns. As you know I think they are awesome and they really expose you to so much if you work with them so all you students should apply! Info here.
Or if you are in the Boston area email me I like interns too!!

There are a few shows around here that look good, though I have not made it to any of them yet. But it just reminds me how wonderful this community is and how I need to take more time to get involved in it...

"Threads Bared" is an exploration of the tactile nature of fiber. Using traditional and non-traditional methods and materials, fiber artists unravel, piece together, and bare the very threads that make up everyday life.

Rebecca Aranyi, Susan Berstler, Jodi Colella, Merill Comeau, Ruth Daniels, Melissa Glick, Kathleen Kneeland, Susan Meier, Charlotte Noruzi, Lauren O'Neal, Amy Pett, Stacey Piwinski, Margaret Ryan, V Van Sant, Ellen Solari
Curated by Tori Costa. 
Exhibition will be on display: November 10- December 16, 2012
They also have a yarn bomb event happening in a nearby local park.
Info here 

A solo show by the talented and sweet Jodi Colella :

Solo Exhibition of Work
Carney Gallery
Regis College
Weston, MA
Nov. 2-Dec. 30, 2012.

and at the Kingston Gallery:

Janet Kawada
Shift in Time, an interactive performance
October 31 – December 2, 2012
Gallery Discussion with Denise Marika: Saturday, November 17 at 4 PM
Why string? Why wrapping? What is it that draws me to this? Having time on your hands with nothing to do. How often do we hear that phrase? What does it mean? Can we contemplate without feeling that we are empty?
Winding these balls has been over the years a marking of time, a catharsis, calendar, performance, sharing, meditative, a way to document a time span. They were also an entry to a discussion. It could be a discussion on art or on politics. Their physicality opened up topics that could be hard to broach with others.
For the November show at the Kingston, Kawada will sit in the gallery winding one ball of string to mark time. There will be another chair for viewers to sit and wind their own ball or carry on a conversation with the artist.

Get info here.

Here is a great article about the Boston art scene for those interested.  

And...after my trip to NY next week there will be a ton of reviews about all the exciting shows happening there.

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