Monday, November 12, 2012

on the wall

Sometimes I wish I could just hang linens up as my art. When I am deciding or playing with ideas that I have, I often just hang linens that may work up in my studio. And without fail I just love the way they look.  Of course conceptually this has little value but it is oh so pretty.  These are all possible contenders for a commission though I think I already made my decision.

I really need to spend some time unpacking returned work and getting new work shipped to NYC and London for shows, and some other work photographed. But all I really want to do is stitch and get lost in my brain. Today I spent my morning at a meeting with some other artists, it is so nice to start to meet people and expand my understanding of the art world here. But it also meant that one of my studio mornings was not spent in the studio so hopefully tomorrow is a good one. I am really enjoying and being challenged by my new work. ..more on that tomorrow.

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