Monday, November 19, 2012

be inspired.

 Have you seen the lovely video of Cayce Zavaglia working. Go to her website and click on news and watch.

Be inspired.


Kristin L said...

Thanks! I AM definitely inspired. I want to commission her to create portraits of my whole family. (Too bad I'm not independently wealthy and could actually do that.) I especially love the verso aspect.

Amy said...

It's always nice to see the process -- I'm the sort of person who likes looking at an artist's setup/workspace.

That's a really nice frame she's got there. I wish I knew if it's a custom job or something I could get for myself.

Joetta M. said...

yes, indeed her work is totally amazing and from the work I have done with her she seems like a very lvoely person too.

FYI, I happen to know that her frame was custom built for her by either her father or father in law. I too would love one.