Monday, November 4, 2013

a view into my room...

a view into my studio yesterday afternoon. I got a couple hours of stitching in yesterday while lil'T was napping and it felt so nice.  The plant piece that I am working on is making me happy. It is going so, so, so slow but I am enjoying the repetition and simplicity of the approach I am taking. I have been able to be in "the zone" of stitching which in truth has not happened in awhile.

Therefore- though I am not really sure what I doing I know I must finally be moving in the right direction because I am enjoying and wanting to be in the studio.

Having the studio at home is a great and not great thing.  I love the actual space itself and it is really nice to just be able to "drop" in and do things whenever. But I do miss the community of folks SO much and a studio would help me find that. It also totally depresses me to walk by my studio everyday when I cannot get in there to work. This week my sewing machine was all set up from some work I started last week on my studio day and everyday I walked by seeing nothing change, it drove me nuts.

But the hand work was getting done, so I need to take what I can get I suppose and simply be grateful for the fact that I do get a TRUE studio day every week and if I play it right after my adjunct class is over often I will be able to have 2 days.  Though I may not get things done as much as I would like it is also an amazing luxury to have those days in the studio.

how are your studio days going?


Anonymous said...

If your studio is as beautiful as it looks, and as inspiring as you have proved it to be by the work you have created, it doesn't matter *where* it is, home or away. Don't get down on yourself if you are not having a "pure" studio day because life is messy and not pure and it's all blendered together and so art should thus be!

Joetta M. said...

thank you. I do get caught up in how it "looks" that my studio is at home. But Miriam Shapiro moved her studio home for 12 years while her kiddos were young and LB had her studio in her home most of her mature artistic life. so I guess I am in good company. If only other artists could visit me more often in there:)