Friday, November 8, 2013


a quote recently discovered on a great Boston art blog.

“Life may be compared to a piece of embroidery of which, during the first half of our time, we get a sight of the right side, and during the second half, of the wrong. The wrong side is not as pretty…but it is more instructive; it shows the way in which the threads have been worked together.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

work by
image by Ana Teresa Barboza. Read a previous post on her work here.


slkrueg said...

I can't tell what medium the self-stitching piece by Ana Teresa Barboza is. I'm guessing the photograph is transferred onto canvas and then the stitching is stitched. I wish I could see it in person, rather than a little rectangle on the computer screen!

Joetta M. said...

I agree, I have actually never even thought about it, now I want to look it up.