Tuesday, November 19, 2013

my zone.

my first studio day in a very long time in which I do not have some god awful "to-do" list. Yay!!!!
Of course I have a million neglected emails and a mess of a house/studio/brain but none of that matters I am just going to zone out with my music, my npr and my work.

I am really digging the 2 pieces I am in the middle of- they both have a slow, simple, repetition to them but are also turning out beautiful. I do need to get some clarity about what is next though---

I am having sort of a solo show in February and the large white on white plant piece will be part of it but I am figuring out what will be the rest. Work I have or something new. I am actually kinda wanting some photos in it. Black and white photos infact. Something I have not done in forever. But the piece is white on white so color would feel incongurent.  So that is what I will be thinking on while I am hopefully fingers crossed lost in my zone today.

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