Tuesday, November 12, 2013


rip not included in image.

nothing more sucky then working for hours and hours and hours on something and then it rip. Ergh. Luckily it ripped in a way that is salvageable and luckily I love torn and healed linens more then anything. (it did not rip due to dry rot at least)

This has only happened once before but it is the worst. I do feel this one is very salvageable, if only I could find my patches I would see how well it will work out or not.

Today my precious studio day did not feel so studio like- the am was full of a to do list getting accomplished. So things off my back but not exactly what I love to do on my studio day. But good news is that I have been feeling pretty motivated to work an hour or 2 in the evening so feel like that sort of makes up for it. Sort of. 

A studio vacation sounds awesome.  Oh yeah those are called residencies and folks with 3 year olds have a really hard time doing them. Someday my 3 year old will be older and I will wish he was 3 again so I will celebrate not having them and hopefully will celebrate having them when that time comes.

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