Tuesday, January 21, 2014

hand off eyeballs out

I am sewing my hands off--- not really but seriously non stop stitching. I am going to be so down to the wire on this main piece for my show next month. Ack. I do now fully know that I can get it done but I am seriously stitching any moment that I am sitting still. I sat in my studio and worked ALL day and made wonderful progress. But dammit I better love this piece by the time I done.

The last time I did this...sew until the very last minute was a huge breakthrough in my work and my studio practice so here is to hoping this piece is just as beautiful and turns out just as well.

 I am getting worried about getting all the other pieces for the show in place, tick tock tick tock I lost almost the entire last weekend to a nasty virus. So here is to hoping the next week goes smoothly and success if found.

And then I am going to let myself sit down and do a puzzle and read a book since I have been sewing until my eyeballs fall out.


Crystal Rhew Staley said...

Looking forward to seeing the end product of all this hard work!

Joetta M. said...

me too, opening on Thursday:)