Monday, January 13, 2014

where oh where?

I know, I know you are asking where in the hell are you Joetta? Well it has been a busy start to the new year. I went to NYC for 3 days last week. I did not see the show that I went to see which was frustrating but did see so many good things that I look forward to sharing with you.
I also spoke at a wonderfully friendly event here in Cambridge on Friday- which you will be able to see online soon. 
Sent images re sized and color corrected for a catalogue for an exhibit that opens this week..
Taught a workshop.
Got offered an adjunct teaching position for the spring semester, yeah.
And am frantically working to finish all the work that needs to be finished for my exhibit that opens early next month.
And had jury duty-eck, eck.

So I hope, fingers crossed will have some reviews and writings and musing to share with all of you about all of the above. 

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