Tuesday, January 14, 2014

not writing, but still working.

some peeks into the studio.  The top image is some progress I made on a new text piece during jury duty. It is a work done in the lineage of the design I made for anthropologie. I like the process I used for them so thought I would try a piece for myself done in the same vain.

2nd is another small text work that I foresee going into my show next month- all the text is gathered from notebooks, calendar's and scraps of paper (the small things that you write to yourself.) This one says "Sometimes it feels so miserable to be happy."

3rd still trucking, trucking, trudging along on the large scale white on white house plant piece. I am PRAYING it turns out to be a strong piece as it really is CENTRAL to the exhibit next month. It is just impossible to tell as it so much more subtle then any other work that I have done. So----- until it is finsihed, washed and ironed I really will not know. Though I am really far into the work it still has a very long way to go and I only have 14 days left. So... you know what I am doing all day today. YEP.

thank goodness for npr

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