Friday, September 19, 2014

a studio tour...

The stairs that lead up to my space with my super rad new bicycle at the bottom.

view that I see from the top of my stairs.  My studio is quirky, just how I like them, in that it is a lofted space perched over a larger open sculptors space. So far I am loving the perch- it is totally private feeling but I am not in this closed off alienated cave of my own mind.

Kind of my little storage corner, all my junk is over here on these huge shelves so I can keep my work space open and clean.  This is soooo exciting to me not to have to be in my supplies and storage while making.

my first day working, before I had any furniture.  AMAZING to have so much wall; I was easily able to project to the scale I needed to get some work done.  I got 3 new drawings laid out for future pieces.

2 of the new drawings.

moved in, ready to go with a lil yellow couch and a big nice white table. I had no idea how much I missed my studio until this week and I am so grateful to have one again.

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