Thursday, September 25, 2014

conceptually drawing the everyday.

One of the artist's that I have been looking at is Danica Phelps. She is actually someone that I have done very little research on but always felt inspired by.  Her work is simple with no fuss but so deply integrated into the experience of life and conceptually sophisticated.  From the first work that opened me up to her which included gorgeous drawings of her and then lover making love- they are so sensitive and alive coupled with lists of what she did that day. To eventually the very systemized work that represented the financial loss and division that comes when a long time partnership dissolves.  Her more recent work has been connected to her choice to go through IFV and raise a child. Again the depth and simplicity all happening at once. I admire this so much in her work as I am always afraid my work is too simple in its concept, too direct.  Then I see work like this and think I could strip away even more and am reminded that the daily moments  of life are never that simple.

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