Tuesday, October 21, 2014

attempting to re-find my sharing voice and a backyard

So as you all know I use to share a lot of other artists work here and I have really struggled with that element of the blog in the last year or so.  Mainly I just do not want to write about other work right now.  Maybe because I am at such a state of flux an unknown in my work I need to preserve those thoughts and words or maybe its just because my time is so precious in my studio.  But I have realized that I am still looking and being inspired by other artists all the time.  And I can post them without writing about them so... I am going to attempt to do this more.  So...

Here is work from one of the other members of the Kingston Gallery, Mary Lang, It is older work but due to its style and subject matter you can see why I am enjoying it right now.  It is from the series called True stories in the back yard and next month you can see her new work at the Gallery. I will miss the opening as I will be giving a talk that weekend on Cape Cod but I will definitely not miss seeing the work.

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