Thursday, October 9, 2014

teach. demo, email, write, get organized, repeat...

Where have I been? I ask that of myself too- but I have been busy with lots of good things.
I taught a full class Sunday and did a demo on mostly cyanotype with fabric yesterday. Both of which I felt really good about.

Got an email about a potential show, a potential talk and a gallery like thing. I also had to get all the promo stuff done for Squam Workshops since I  am teaching a new class in the Spring and then ya know life.

The demo yesterday went great and I was pretty nervous about it as the layout and environment was not an ideal situation for cyanotype but considering all tha-t the examples all turned out pretty good.  I keep trying to figure out how to start to work these 2 practices together, cyano and stitch, for a real series in my studio and have yet to come up with a solid conceptually developed idea...

but this made me want it even more The space of the Concord Art Association was really lovely and I look forward to teaching a workshop there later this month.  You can sign up for it still here.

The Sunday class was great but generally my classes at the Eliot School are - they simply pull in incredible students and are a pleasure to work with. I have an actual cyanotype and stitch workshop with them in November (it might be full but I think there are a few slots left)  so go sign up for that too.

But the lesson from having my picture taken twice without warning this week is that I need to comb my freakin hair better, ACK... I mean I am truly the frazzled art girl but that hair is crazy!

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Jane said...

cyanotype stitching, now that I'd like to do.