Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Common Thread

I am honored and proud to be  a part of this exhibit which has its opening gala tomorrow.

 March 7, 2015 – July 5, 2015
A Common Thread

Guest Curated by Susan O’Malley

A Common Thread brings together the artwork of seventeen contemporary artists from across the United States who examine and sometimes subvert the centuries-old tradition of needlework. Representing a sampling of a larger wave of stitching fanatics, the artists in A Common Thread find inspiration in the medium’s history, materials, technique, and process to create works that are surprising, provocative, and at times, deeply personal. 

The exhibit runs from March 7 – July 5, 2015, with an opening reception March 15, 2-4pm.

The show includes work from artists Emily Barletta (New York), Gwenn Beope (California), Chandra Cerrito (California), Joe Cunningham (California), Lauren DiCioccio (California), Josh Greene (California), Aubrey Longley-Cook (Georgia), Joetta Maue (Massachusetts), Stacey Page (Florida), Maggy Rozycki Hiltner (Montana), Jeana Eva Klein (North Carolina), Rebecca Ringquist (New York), LJ Roberts (California), Hadar Sobol (Texas), Jessica Tang (California), Claudia Tennyson (California), and Amanda Valdez (Brooklyn). 

detail of love letters
Sadly, the wonderful and warm women that I corresponded with for over a year in the curatorial process of this exhibit passed away just a week before the exhibit installed, I did not know Susan personally but through the admiration of her work, her warmth via our correspondence and phone calls and working with her I felt I did know her.  Her selection of which work to include in the exhibit was very telling of her loving heart, including love letters seen above, I am humbled by the love that her community has expressed at her sudden and tragic death and am inspired to be a better, warmer more loving person myself. 

Susan O'Malley

The museum will have a memorial at the opening and write this:
In Memory of Susan O’Malley (1976-2015)
Susan was an inspiration in every way possible. An inspiration to live. An inspiration to love. An inspiration to share. An inspiration to dream. An inspiration to give. She was the most beautiful person imaginable, and possessed an inescapably infectious energy, spirit, and positive outlook. There was no bright, optimistic, loving force as great as she. Looking for moments between herself and individuals in her life, she made work that connected people and offered glimpses into the possibility of understanding one another better. With this at the heart of her work and at the core of how she lived, she was an advocate and a daily reminder of the great power of connectedness and the power of love.

- Romer Young Gallery

There is a wonderful site celebrating all that she was here

IF you are anywhere near the area please see the beautiful show that she has created.

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