Monday, March 23, 2015

Toward Textiles

Wow the John Michael Kohler Arts Center is rocking the textiles right now. They have so many cool fiber shows going on. So if you are anywhere near Milwaukee go and see. I wish I could.

Through October 11, 2015

March 13–October 11, 2015
In recent years, fiber has eluded characterization as it infiltrated traditional art practices and expanded into installation and performance. However, fiber-based art has grown more mainstream, its material-based, multidisciplinary practice has risked being compromised, overlooked, or assimilated by the contemporary art world.

The exhibition Material Fix is an exploraton of fiber’s unique material specificity and the means by which a range of contemporary artists join fiber-based processes with current theoretical and aesthetic concerns. The artists in Material Fix insist on the materiality of their work, challenging the detached vision that is preoccupied with the “purity of ideas” in which appearances are often separate from real-life existence. The exhibition suggests that, in an age dominated by linear, cerebral, and linguistic analysis, it is more important than ever to reinforce awareness of humanity’s shared physical experience.

Included in the exhibition are works by Polly Apfelbaum (NY), Jen Bervin (NY), Louise Bourgeois (1911–2010), Sonya Clark (VA), Dave Cole (RI), Jim Drain (FL), Josh Faught (CA), Susie Ganch (VA), David R. Harper (WI), Jesse Harrod (PA), Elana Herzog (NY), Amy Honchell (IL), Yuni Kim Lang (MI), Christy Matson (CA), Cat Mazza (NY), John Paul Morabito (IL), Sheila Pepe (NY), Piper Shepard (MD), Alyson Shotz (NY), Deborah Valoma (CA), Katarina Weslien (ME), and Anne Wilson (IL).


 January 18–October 11, 2015

A series of six exhibitons presents an exploration of the expressive possibilities of fiber through the work of 27 contemporary artists, while engaging the viewer in broader considerations of the medium’s emotional meanings, its connections with ordinary experiences, and its capacity for critique and social commentary.

Including an Ann Hamilton piece. Go textiles!!! 

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