Friday, March 27, 2015

piles and pulled threads evaluate change.

There are way too many things to check up on when you are stopping in NYC for a few days and even though I looked up all the major museums to see what was up... I missed the Asia Society Museum.
I really need to get this space on my radar as a few years ago I remember going to see this fabulous show

The work currently on view Takahiro Iwasaki: In Focus appears to be a great piece. Inspired by a 1600 screen of floral imagery evoking the changing seasons Iwasaki takes found kimonos (representing the changing season) and rebuilds a landscape by piling the kimonos, towels, toothbrushes and clothing.  He pulls thread from the kimonos to create 3 dimensional imagery that evokes the changing landscape & economy of modern Japan.

You know how I love piles, thread, and luscious color so this work is just too lovely to me. My city trip was complete and busy but I do wish I had not missed this one.

Up until April 29th.  Also so much wonderful info on their website.
and the NY times review.

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