Friday, March 27, 2015


happily found a crit group a few months back. It has been so great to have monthly dialogue about art. The intention is always to stay on track about work but inevitably goes into broader art territory, which are often the best moments of dialogue.  It really has just been a game changer.

In my first crit they really helped me see directions I could take my drawings with layering, going in and removing, line quality etc... This time since all my new work is at the gallery I took advantage and showed some unresolved work. The window piece which I have been struggling with resolving was the main topic of conversation. One suggestion that I loved and am going to pursue was that maybe it's less that the embroidery is not done and more that it is part of something. I.E a dyptich or tryptich. So I'm planning on exploring what those missing parts might be.

I'm also seriously thinking about using color pencils in a new drawing.  eek. Who am I?
In the studio all morning, so glad.

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