Saturday, May 31, 2008

standing still...

At Standing Still I Have a Skill
by Kenn Nesbitt

At standing still I have a skill that truly is unique.
At sleeping I’m unquestionably
on a winning streak.

At lying down I’m unsurpassed; I’m simply undefeated.
At sitting I’m the reigning champ; I’ll never be unseated.

At drifting in a daydream
it is obvious I’m blessed.
At starting at the TV I’m undoubtedly the best.

At doing nothing
I’m even better than you’d think.
At everything besides that, though, I’d have to say I stink.

I hope someday I’ll maybe learn another kind of skill.
Until then I’m content to be
the best at standing still.


nadia said...

joetta that is lovely- unfortunately it is something I have trouble with...I mean emotionally my mind races all the time...i blogged about standing still this morning on one of my I am glad to have read this.

lovely dress.

Joetta said...

sometimes it is a challenge. Actually the dress is an old vintage slip, but the color is so fabulous...