Monday, December 13, 2010

collective thoughts.

Last night was the meeting for Collective Thread our little and super awesome Fiber Collective. I am so delighted and happy that I started this group it is such a wonderful opportunity to share with each other what is going on but also to have a truly wonderful discourse about art, art vs. craft, the life as an artist and all that fun stuff that you really want to talk about as a artist but rarely do. I especially love the fact that everyone is super honest and at the same time respectful.

We do critiques each meeting of individual artists works and they are very valuable to all of us, not just the artist being critiqued. But last night it was my turn. And it was great to get some feedback on the ideas that I have for proceeding with the large figurative works. Everyone seemed to really like how the work was becoming more and more 3-dimensional and we discussed different issues and possibilities in this. As well as presentation ideas.

But in all honestly I am feel pretty solid in the direction I am heading with the figurative work and feel a little more lost with my text based work. So we talked a lot about that- the group, as well as myself, feel this work is a huge part of my practice and portfolio.

And pretty much I got reminded of how important "rules" can be in regards to your work. I started that work based on a set of simple rules and am thinking I need to get back to that for now. Lately, I have felt very "what the hell do I write and say?" so a simple way to take the pressure of is just to put some structure around how I come up with the words and work. In short rules. I have not figured out what they are yet, but am planning on thinking on that today. So ...

It was wonderful to get feedback and just see all these wonderful and talented artists again. Hopefully you can join us next time.


Sonya Philip said...

Oh to live in New York.

Joetta M. said...

i feel quite lucky to be here amongst such a great community. Maybe you can stop by if you are ever visiting.