Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve.

I wish all of you a wonderful and safe new years filled with laughter and friends.

I know I have been m.i.a over here in the last 2 weeks but with being sick, lil't's first Christmas, holiday travel, being sick again and just enjoying family I took a break from over here.
But I will be back in full force posting about what's going on in my studio and other fabulous fiber news. Until Monday Cheers!


Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year to you Joetta and your loved ones.

theresa martin said...

Happy New Year from a lurker. I enjoy your blog very much and I hope you will be feeling 100% soon.

etre-soi said...

Happy New Year of 2011 for you and your family :)

mary said...

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that when I clicked on bitterstich in your favorite things column, my browser linked to a porn website. Then I googled it and came up with subversive stitching, which seems more likely what you intend.

Feel free to delete my comment, i tried to email, but it wouldn't send.


Joetta M. said...

happy new years to you all. Finally feeling much better now, thank goodness!!!

Mary-Thanks so much for letting me know definitely a spam or hack. So weird. But thank you for letting me know so I could delete it. Best.

Brittany at Home Ground said...

Happy new year!! I'm so glad Lil T's first Christmas went well. He's such a cutie!